Top 4 Simple But Hard Android Games 2019

Android Gaming has become the passion of many people in 2019 and this generation kids prefer playing games on their high-end android phone rather than getting a playstation in home. And if you are an Android gamer, this article is dedicated for you. In this page you can know about top 4 Android games that has a very simple gameplay in terms of graphics and complexity, but too hard to crack and make a high score.

Top 4 Android games 2019

Best high score Android games 2019

The below listed games are those which do not occupy a chunk of your phone memory but at the same time it can be thrilling to chase the high scores of your friends.

  1. Geometry Dash: Geometry dash is a simple online game that is also available for Android devices. In this game a Box (your character) keeps moving on a track filled with obstacles, and you can move up and down through tapping on your screen to dodge those obstacles. It gets really really hard when you move up the levels and can even take a week to complete 1 level even for many professionals.
  2. Super Smash Flash 2: If you are a cartoon fan, this game is for you, SSF2 is a fighting game where you can select the characters between all the famous cartoon and anime characters like Naruto, Goku, etc. You can challenge online players for battle and have a fight or complete the levels of the game which gets harder as you complete levels.
  3. Dr.Driving: Dr.Driving is a famous car driving emulator game, where you will be sitting inside a car, and you are given with virtual steering, brake, accelerator, and gears and you need to drive it like a real car in the given tracks and finish the goals given. If you are willing to drive a car, this game can be very useful to you as it gives the basic idea of driving a car. You can also select the vehicle between different cars, trucks, and busses.
  4. Dunk It: Dunk it a flash game in which you need to basket the ball into ring without letting the ball fall down. You need to control the ball by tapping on the screen, every time you tap on your screen the ball jumps up, you need to control it and basket in the ring. If you continuously basket without touching the ring, the score increases 8x letting you achieve a high score quickly. It is a very addictive game if you start playing with your friends and challenge them to compete with you.


Hope you got some amazing games to stay away from getting bored in your free time, download these games from Google play and play for yourself and share your favourite game with us through comments. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and support us in growing. For more amazing Android apps tips, keep visiting Donotvoteformydad.

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