Zhiyun Crane 2 Electronic Gimbal

The Zhiyun Crane 2 the newest flagship gimbal don’t mix this up with crane v2 model which is older and is not sophisticated. This is the newer crane to model most of you will know by now what electronic gimbal are and how amazingly useful and important they are for semi-professional and even professional video makers they come in different size and capabilities and they’re essentially a Steadicam system for your memmel as a digital SLR camera.

If you want to handheld video work with smooth looking professional footage then an image stabilization system in your camera or lens can help you a little but if you want real sweeping movements and smooth footage as your walking or even running then an electronic gimbal is for you this new offering from Jian is one of the biggest and most expensive on the market costing seven hundred pounds.

Its a direct competitor on the market is the less expensive matza air gimble. The build quality it comes in a tough but flexible carry case. This gimbal is listed in the best gimbal 2019 article published by timmodelmakers

It comes complete with a strap a tripod attachment for the bottom which is very sturdy and tough with rubberized tips useful you get a variety of wires in this little pouch for attaching the gimbal to your canon sony or Panasonic camera other cameras can be mounted to the gimbal too by the way you just won’t be able to electronically control them form the gimbal you will also get three powerful batteries

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